YouTube “RESOLVE 17 CRASH COURSE – Davinci Resolve 17 Walkthrough [BEGINNER]” By Casey Faris

In this post, I link to and embed from the YouTube video, RESOLVE 17 CRASH COURSE – Davinci Resolve 17 Walkthrough [BEGINNER], by Casey Faris. 1:26:22, Premiered Dec 17, 2020.

Welcome to our Resolve 17 Crash Course! In this video I’ll walk you through the pages of the newly released DaVinci Resolve 17, showing you what each page does and how to use them, getting you familiar with the app so you start making your own films!

Chapters: 00:00 – Start your Engines! 00:22 – What is Resolve 03:57 – Opening Resolve for the first time 05:30 – Overview of Pages 06:44 – The Edit Page 15:35 – The Cut Page 30:03 – The Fusion Page 43:40 – The Color Page 01:04:02 – The Fairlight Page 01:21:33 – The Deliver Page

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