YouTube Video “Evaluation of the JVP with PoCUS – An In-Depth Guide” From UBC IM POCUS

Note to myself-See and review again: YouTube Video “Jugular Venous Pressure (JVP) Exam using Point-of-care Ultrasound (POCUS)”
Posted on January 15, 2024 by Tom Wade MD.

The resource.below has a number of useful technical points.

Today, I review, link to, and embed the YouTube video, Evaluation of the JVP with PoCUS – An In-Depth Guide, from UBC IM POCUS.

All that follows is from the above resource.

Oct 13, 2023

Learn the ins and outs of the JVP with ultrasound! In this detailed 40 minute overview, Dr. Shane Arishenkoff goes over the anatomy of the JVP, image acquisition pearls, and interpretation of the results.

00:00 – Introduction

00:47 – Objectives

01:23 – JVP vs IVC

02:00 – Anatomy and physiology of the IJ

11:38 – Image acquisition and interpretation

16:37 – IJ features that correlate with CVP

18:29 – IJ to carotid artery ratio

20:44 – IJ aspect ratio: ovoid vs circular

22:40 – Assessing for the location of maximal tenting

26:41 – Pitfalls: layering

28:23 – Pitfalls: extended taper

29:07 – Pitfalls: taper at the level of the clavicle

31:01 – Pitfalls: forced expiration

34:39 – Putting it all together

36:35 – Take home points

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