A COVID-19 Treatment Chart With Links To Important Additional Help From EMCrit

In addition to the chart below, the post includes links to critical information on respiratory management from EMCrit.

Right now the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 is a moving target.

EMCrit has a number of awesome posts on COVID-19 and suggestions on how to manage respiratory failure in COVID. And the posts differ significantly from the respiratory failure treatment advice in the MM treatment guide. Here are links to the EMCrit resources to consider [In addition to the show notes resources and the podcasts be sure to review all the thoughtful comments after each post]:

The chart below is from:

Michigan Critical Care Collaborative Network

Material Attribution

Author(s): Michigan Medicine ICU Directors

Institution or Source: Michigan Medicine

Adapted from Massachusetts General Hospital document 3-20-2020.

Here is the link to the PDF of the MM Treatment Guide 3-29-2020

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