A Link To “Holiday Movies 2019: Here’s What’s Coming Soon to Theaters” From The New York Times

I love movies and I really like the New York Times* [I love the the Guardian.]

*It’s hard for me to love a newspaper that has columnists like David Brooks, Ross Dothat, and Brett Stevens and occasional columnists like Arthur C. Brooks. But no newspaper is perfect. But The New York Times is still pretty close to perfect despite those folks.

And the New York Times has, as a columnist, the incomparable Nobel Prize Winner in economics, Dr. Paul Krugman.

And if you don’t subscribe to the New York Times, [Link is to the page for digital subscription. This is not an affiliate link, I just like the Times], then perhaps you should. There are so many wonderful articles in the paper.

And today they have a dream article for movie lovers, Holiday Movies 2019: Here’s What’s Coming Soon to Theaters.

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