A Link To PedScripts – Diagnostic Algorithms And Illness Scripts For Pediatrics

In this post I link to and explore PedScripts: Illness Scripts for Clinical Reasoning:

Welcome to PedScripts! A tool to help medical students develop clinical reasoning skills in Pediatrics.

In the table below I’ve copied links to all the diagnostic algorithms listed on the home page of PedScripts. When you click on one of the diagnostic schema in the left hand column you will be taken to that algorithm. And below the algorithm you will find a set of relevant illness scripts for that diagnostic schema.

Table With Links To The PedScripts Diagnostic Schema (called Diagnostic Algorithms on the site). On the web page for each presenting complaint you will find a list of links to the relevant illness scripts.

                                 Select A Presenting Complaint To Get Started
Abdominal Mass Abdominal Pain Anemia
Bruising/Petechiae Cough Diarrhea
Fever and Rash Fever Without A Focus Headache
Heart Murmur Hematuria Hepatomegally
Leukocoria, Red, Or Wandering Eye Limp Lymphadenopathy
Otalgia Positive PPD Proteinuria
Rash Rhinorrhea Seizure
Sore Throat Splenomegally Vomiting
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