A Look At 5 Courses On Palliative Care From The University Of Colorado

I’ve been taking the excellent Thoracic Oncology course from the University of Michigan which is available on Coursera.

And so I decided to look at what other relevant medical courses are available through Coursera.

After I complete the Thoracic Oncology course I plan next to take Course 3 –Palliative Care: It’s Not Just Hospice Anymore Specialization from the University Of Colorado:

Palliative Care Easing Pain and Suffering. Learn strategies and techniques to assess suffering and support patients living with serious illness

[The above course is part of a 5 course Specialization:

-Course 1: What is Palliative Care

-Course 2: Pain Management: Easing Pain in Palliative Care

-Course 3: Easing Physical Symptoms: It’s Not Just Hospice Anymore

-Course 4: Psychosocial and Spiritual Aspects of Palliative Care

-Course 5: Palliative Care Capstone Projects


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