An Interesting Business Model For A Medical Practice

This site is an interesting business model that might fit into some medical practices.

The MET-TEST business model enables our customers to streamline their PFT + CPET testing operations without incurring any out-of-pocket expense. The model calls for us to utilize a room with Internet access in your facility. We will place our equipment and provide a highly qualified technician onsite available full time. MET-TEST calibrates the equipment daily, both mechanical and biological, as well as performs all tests. All data is captured and uploaded automatically to our Operations Center. The Center then processes and analyzes the results to produce a high quality, user-friendly report. Full time support for data interpretation as well as patient management consultation is provided as part of the service.

Each Lab is capable of doing up to 6 tests a day per hardware device and technician. The testing day is a standard 8-hour workday with breaks for lunch, etc. based on the normal operation of the practice site. Each lab is capable of performing:

  Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET)

  Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)

  Resting Metabolic Rate Test (RMR)

A CPET and PFT are frequently ordered together as a combined procedure. The MET-TEST Technician requires approximately 30 minutes at the beginning of each testing day to perform system calibrations and quality control procedures before testing the first patient for that day.

An example of a schedule would be that the MET-TEST Technician would perform five (5) CPETs combined with a PFT in a testing day. Another example of a schedule would be that the MET-TEST Technician would perform 2 CPET/PFT along with 4 stand-alone CPETs in a testing day. These are only two possible examples. Each practice is free to customize how our service meets their needs best.

MET-TEST´s approach will compliment other modes of Diagnostic Testing as well. An example could be a MET-TEST CPET test can be performed in conjunction with nuclear studies by replacing the treadmill with our system.

The housing facility does the global billing and pays MET-TEST a flat contracted daily fee for the lease of our services. There are no start up costs and no penalties. A financial Performa will be provided upon request. Our goal is to make this service as smooth and easy as possible (plug & play).

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