“Approach To Childhood Glaucoma” Podcast From PedsCases

Today I reviewed and embed the PedsCases vidcast, Approach to Childhood Glaucoma, by Jenny Ma, Jan 06, 2019.

All that follows is from the above outstanding resource.

  •  by Jenny Ma
  •  Jan 06, 2019

This video will go over an approach to glaucoma in children including the history and physical examination, measurement of intraocular pressures, and intial management of a child with glaucoma. It was developed by Jenny Ma, a medical student at the University of Alberta in collaboration with Dr. Chris Novak, a pediatric resident at the University of Alberta, and Dr. Natashka Pollock, a pediatric ophthalmologist at the University of Alberta

The take home points of this podcast are:

1) Glaucoma is characterized by damage to the optic nerve and corresponding visual field defects that is associated with high IOP
2) Some classic details in history include epiphora, photophobia, and blepharospasm
3) Key features on exam include buphthalmos, a firm eye to palpation, and corneal clouding
4) All children with glaucoma require an urgent referral to ophthalmology
5) Surgery is the mainstay of treatment for childhood glaucoma

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