“Echocardiography Essentials: Mastering the apical four-chamber view (4CV)” From MedMastery

In this post, I reviewed and embedded Echocardiography Essentials: Mastering the apical four-chamber view (4CV), 4:51.

*This link is to an eight video minicourse on echocardiography. 

After watching this video, you will be able to display an optimized 4-chamber view image on transthoracic echo. You will also be able to recognize the structures, assess them and tell if they are normal or not.

This video was taken from our hands-on and CME-accredited Echocardiography Essentials Course.

You can check it out here: ⏯

Start the course for FREE now: http://bit.ly/3OTUWLJ

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