Determining Prognosis For End Of Life Decision Making

End-of-life decisions about what medical treatments to undergo and what medical treatments to forego depend on the patient’s values and goals.

The above decisions are tremendously complex.

The podcast and show notes to get started are here: EM Crit Podcast 93 on Palliative Care at the End of Life by Dr. Ashley Shreve–OUTSTANDING
Posted on September 28, 2015 by Tom Wade MD

Every doctor and every nurse can benefit patients by listening to Dr. Shreve’s awesome podcast.

For a patient to make the right medical decision for him or her requires understanding the pros and cons of each possible medical treatment in relationship to the patient’s values. And the patient needs to have a firm understanding of his or her medical prognosis.

Here are some resources to help the physician, patient, and family determine the patient’s prognosis:

After a patient has firm clear understanding of his or her medical prognosis the patient is in a better position to make medical decisions based on his or her values.


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