Health Care Transformation – Another Interesting Healthcare Startup

I found this site when listening to a podcast on another topic. I’m placing links to this site in my blog to have it available for upcoming review by our web developers for our own healthcare startups in development. I have no relationship or experience with this site and this post is not an endorsement.

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We are changing the face of health care. Our goal is to create a high-value cost-effective health system for all individuals across the U.S. and, in doing so, empower patients and providers to better manage their care, optimally navigate the system, and achieve their best health.

The future of health care is consumer-centric value-based care.

As healthcare innovators and improvement experts, we are innovating from C-suite to ground-level and across providers and patients to achieve the Triple Aim + 1:

Here are excerpts from the home page:


The above video introduces the viewer to this marketing service and explain its rationale. It is only four minutes long.

In the Digital Care Journey, we move a 1:1 redundant unstandardized conversation into a standardized impactful conversation that can reach MILLIONS of people with ONE CLICK.




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