“How to Land an Airplane | Landing a Cessna 172” From FlightInSight With A Link To Additional Resources

In addition to today’s resource below, please see Learn To Fly-Private Pilate. This link is to a series of 19 videos from FlightInSight.

Today I review, link to, and embed “How to Land an Airplane | Landing a Cessna 172” from FlightInSight.

All that follows is from the above resource.


930,309 views • May 17, 2022 • Learn to Fly – Private Pilot

Check out Private Pilot Ground School, and all our courses, at https://flight-insight.com Landing is hard. It takes a good deal of practice to master, but focusing on a few key things makes it easier to progress. We’ll look at the most important concepts in this video. Video is Microsoft Flight Simulator. Low altitudes are used to enhance frame of reference. Do not attempt stalls or other maneuvers at low altitudes in a real aircraft.


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