Link To MobiHealth News’ article, The 53 digital health mergers and acquisitions we covered in 2019

In this post I link to MobiHealth News‘ article, The 53 digital health mergers and acquisitions we covered in 2019

The article has a brief paragraph on each of the 53 mergers and acquisitions and a direct link to the original article on MobiHealth.

Here is the introduction to the article:

MobiHealthNews reported on 53 new acquisitions over the course of 2019. That doesn’t mean all of these deals closed this year: several of these deals were announced late in the year and won’t close until next year, while others may have closed in previous years but weren’t made public until 2019. And of course, definitions of digital health vary, and not every one of these deals will fit everyone’s definition.

Still, though, it was a big year for M&A in the space. The deals we tracked totalled $8.16 billion. They included moves from big tech companies Alphabet, Amazon and Apple, and healthcare giants Philips, Medtronic and UnitedHealthcare. The year also saw exits for some early digital health stalwarts like Mango Health, Qualcomm Life, Sherpaa, PatientsLikeMe and, of course, Fitbit. Five of the year’s acquisitions were done by private equity firms; the rest were strategic. Recurring themes included telemedicine, remote patient monitoring and medical education.

Read on for the year’s acquisitions, presented as usual in descending order of deal size for the 10 acquisitions with disclosed price tags, then in chronological order after that.

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