Link To NY Times Article, Amazon to acquire One Medical clinics in latest push into health care, With Links To One Medical Website

In this post I link to the New York Times article, Amazon to acquire One Medical clinics in latest push into health care, July 21, 2022. Gregory Schmidt and .

Amazon said on Thursday that it had reached a deal to acquire One Medical, a network of primary care clinics, in a deal worth $3.9 billion, a big step in the e-commerce giant’s plans to become a player in the health care industry.

One Medical, which is based in San Francisco, operates a network of primary care providers that offer in-office and virtual medical services, and is one of the leading competitors to a similar but smaller service Amazon had started to offer.

In 2019, Amazon began running its own primary and urgent care service, called Amazon Care*, to treat its employees, first in Washington State and then nationally. It is based on virtual sessions with providers and home visits, though it has been expanding its physical clinics.

*In addition to the above website, please see How Amazon Care’s pay-by-usage model targets big employers, Katie Adams – 

As employers look to curb their share of increasing healthcare costs, many may be attracted to healthcare offerings that charge them based on how many employees actually use the service, according to a May 6 report from eMarketer.

Amazon Care, the tech giant’s virtual healthcare business, on May 5 gained its first enterprise client, fitness company Precor. Amazon launched the virtual care offering in 2019 as a way to decrease the high cost of insuring Amazon employees. Amazon Care’s pay-by-usage model could attract more large employer customers because it offers them less risk and upfront cost commitments.

The amount Amazon Care charges employers is based on how many employees use its healthcare services each month, rather than fixed costs based on how many services are offered and the employer’s number of employees, meaning companies don’t have to pay an upfront fee based on their size.

And here are links to the One Medical website.



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