Link To YouTube Video “Getting Started with Snagit (Webinar Recording)” From TechSmith

In this post, I link to and embed the YouTube video, Getting Started with Snagit (Webinar Recording), Sep 13, 2021, 55:54, from TechSmith.

In this webinar Chandra goes over the different Snagit capture methods, how to use and customize the most useful editing and annotating tools, and how to share and organize your captures. While this is a basic, or introductory webinar to Snagit, even seasoned experts will find great nuggets of information when watching.

00:00 – Introduction 01:00 – Two parts of the webinar – how to capture & how to edit 02:20 – The Capture Window – All-in-one capture, video only, or image only 03:40 – 2 Ways to Initiate your Snagit Capture 05:18 – Demonstrating the Capture methods in Snagit 06:21 – Capturing a still image only 06:50 – Capturing your entire screen 07:05 – Two ways to capturing a scrolling window (left to right or up to down) 07:21 – Using the Scrolling Capture to automatically scroll an entire window 08:15 – Choosing Panoramic Capture to capture outside of your viewing area 11:22 – Capturing drop-down menus with a 5-second delay 12:41 – Creating a preset to speed up your process 14:55 – Automatically sharing from Snagit to Microsoft Word 18:66 – Edit, Duplicate or Share presets 21:45 – Where is the Snagit Library saved on your Windows computer? 22:49 – Working in the Snagit Editor. 23:20 – Two ways to open the Snagit Editor 23:39 – 4 main parts of the Snagit Editor (Tools, Quick Styles, Recent Captures Tray, & Canvas) 25:16 – Customize your Snagit Toolbar 25:55 – Creating & Customizing Annotations in your Snagit Toolbar 28:56 – Creating your own custom brand or color Theme in Snagit 30:10 – Saving regular items to your Favorites 33:23 – Finding older captures inside of your Snagit Library 34:12 – Tagging images to stay organized and find them more quickly later on 36:06 – Rearranging captured images in your Recents Tray 38:43 – Can I change the default size of arrows in Snagit 39:57 – Using Snagit to create a How-To Guide from screen captured images 42:09 – Using Snagit to create a quick video 43:03 – Check three items before recording: Webcam, System Audio, and Microphone 44:46 – Quick walk through recording a video in Snagit 45:56 – Cutting sections out of your video recording in Snagit 46:51 – Record a PowerPoint style Video 48:50 – How to find more tutorials on the TechSmith website if you want to learn even more 51:37 – Can you show more than one image in a Snagit video at one time? 53:16 – How do you cut out the middle of a video clip? 54:36 – How do I get the Snagit One Click option to always be ready on my Windows screen? 55:50 – Thanks for watching! #screencapture #snagit #recordmyscreen

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