Link To YouTube Video “IVC Ultrasound and Volume Responsiveness with Dr. Rory Spiegel” By Dr. Jacob Avila

In this post, I link to and embed the YouTube video “IVC ultrasound and Volume Responsiveness with Dr. Rory Spiegel“*, October 14, 2021 by Dr. Jacob Avila of

*I recommend watching this excellent on YouTube because there you can follow along with the outstanding autogenerated transcript. I embedded it here on this post just for my convenience.

The video is forty minutes long but worth every minute.

What follows below is from the show notes below the video on YouTube.

Spoiler: Dr. Spiegel uses IVC ultrasound in every one of his sick patients. Another spoiler: Volume responsiveness might not be all that important. Check out the podcast on his top tips for evaluating the IVC and his thoughts on volume responsiveness, volume tolerance and why it might not even matter. Don’t forget to check out for all your CME educational needs! Our new POCUS Question Bank is HERE:… Check out the IVC 5MS: Our newest in-person conference will be in Sunny San Diego! Check out the URL here:  If you’re interested in an online ultrasound fellowship, check out https://www.ultrasoundleadershipacade… #ultrasoundcourses #ultrasoundeducation


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