Links To And Excerpts From Dr. Farkas’ “IBCC chapter & cast – Pneumocystis Jirovicii Pneumonia”

In this post I link to and excerpt from Dr. Farkas’ “IBCC chapter & cast – Pneumocystis Jirovicii Pneumonia June 29, 2020.

Pneumocystic Jirovicii Pneumonia (previously Pneumocystic Carinii Pneumonia) remains an important opportunistic infection in critical care.  Improved treatment for HIV has reduced the frequency of PJP due to AIDS, but meanwhile the development of increasingly sophisticated immunosuppressive regimens for other patient populations has increased the incidence of non-HIV PJP.  New diagnostic tests are improving our ability to diagnose PJP non-invasively, but these tests also add an additional layer of complexity.

The IBCC chapter is located here.

The Podcast Episode is located here.

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