Links To And Excerpts From “Inhaled Pulmonary Vasodilators” From The Internet Book Of Critical Care

In this post I link to and excerpt from Dr Josh Farkas’ Internet Book Of Critical Care [Link is to the TOC] Inhaled Pulmonary Vasodilators of August 8, 2020. [Link is to the podcast.] Dr Farkas writes in his introduction:

Inhaled pulmonary vasodilators are generally quite safe. They offer a variety of physiologic benefits to patients with cardiopulmonary failure, including improved oxygenation and right ventricular function. Unfortunately, like so many interventions in critical care, there is a dearth of large, multi-center RCTs proving patient-centered benefit. This chapter attempts to sift through available evidence, in efforts to use these agents in a rational fashion.

[Each of the links below are direct links to that section of the IBCC podcast and show notes.]


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