Links To Three Excellent Posts On Emergency Department Neuroimaging From NUEM Blog

Each of the resources below is an excellent brief review. Rather than excerpt from them, I simply reviewed each several times and listed them. I recommend interested readers do likewise.

In this post I link to three  outstanding posts on ED neuroimaging from the Northwestern University EM Blog:

  1. The ED Guide to Neuroimaging: Part 1. Written by: Justin Seltzer, MD (NUEM PGY-1) Edited by: Andrew Cunningham, MD, (NUEM PGY-3) Expert commentary by: David Rusinak, MD. 4/20/2018
    1. This post details an excellent method for reviewing the non-contrast CT of the head.
    2. It is worth reviewing over and over. Lots of information in quick read.
  2. The ED Guide to Neuroimaging: Part 2. Written by: Justin Seltzer, MD (NUEM PGY-3) Edited by: Priyanka Sista, MD, (NUEM PGY-4) Expert commentary by: Peter Pruitt, MD, MS. 12/16/2019
    1. This post details the appropriate use of decision rules in blunt head trauma to help decide when CT scan of the head is needed  and when it can be dispensed with.
    2. The following decision rules are reviewed in this excellent post: The Canadian Head CT Rule, The New Orleans Criteria, The Nexus II Head CT Rules, and The PECARN Pediatric Head Injury Algorithm.
    3. This post is worth reviewing again and again as are all of the posts linked to.
  3. Emergency Guide to Stroke Neuroimaging. Written by: Justin Seltzer, MD (PGY-3) Edited by: Luke Neill, MD (PGY-4) Expert commentary by: Babak Jahromi, MD, PhD. 4/20/2018
    1. “The goal of this article is to discuss the indications and limitations as well as to provide a basic guide to interpretation of noncontrast CT imaging of the brain (NCCT), CT angiography (CTA) of the head and neck, and CT perfusion (CTP) imaging in acute stroke evaluation.”
    2. This article is outstanding.

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