“Maintenance [Pediatric] IV Fluids – Avoiding Hyponatremia” Infographic From PedsCases

In this post I link to and reproduce the PedsCases Notes (Infographics) for Maintenance IV Fluids: Avoiding Hyponatremia, May 29, 2020:

This PedsCases Note provides a one-page infographic on maintenance IV fluids in children, specifically focusing on avoiding hyponatremia. It is based on the CPS Practice Point guideline of the same topic. It outlines several causes and consequences of acute hyponatremia, along with providing recommendations to avoid the risk of hyponatremia when prescribing maintenance IV fluids in hospitalized children. It was created by Sparsh Shah, a 4th year medical student at the University of Toronto.

And here is the link to the Canadian Paediatric Society‘s Position Statements and Practice Points [Link is to the CPS Practice Guidelines]. And here is the link to the CPS Guideline  Risk of acute hyponatremia in hospitalized children and youth receiving maintenance intravenous fluids, Updated Dec 18, 2018. Be sure and reread this paper after reviewing the infographic below.

Here is the Maintenance IV Fluids: Avoiding Hyponatremia infographic [Link is to the PDF] from PedsCases.

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And here is the infographic.

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