“Memory Loss in Aging? What Doctors Should Check” From Better Health While Aging

In today’s post I review, excerpt from, and embed Better Health While Aging‘s Memory Loss in Aging? What Doctors Should Check, 34:55, Dec3, 2021.

Board-certified geriatrician Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH, explains the most common causes of memory and thinking problems in older adults, and what health providers should cover during an initial evaluation. #memory #brain #alzheimer #memoryloss #aging Get the written version of this information here: https://betterhealthwhileaging.net/co… Get easy access to the guidance, support, & information you need, to help your aging parent with memory loss: https://betterhealthwhileaging.net/ed… ⏱ Video chapters: ⏱ 0:00 Memory Loss in Aging 0:46 Myths about memory loss & aging 2:45 What’s covered in this video and why 3:42 10 common causes of memory loss & thinking problems in aging 19:00 10 things geriatricians would check in an older adult with memory loss 32:09 The 4 key things that should happen during an initial evaluation 33:46 How/where to get this initial medical evaluation done Subscribe to the Channel:    / @betterhealthwhil…   LEARN – ONLINE COURSES: Memory Loss & Safety: How to Have Better Talks & Fewer Fights With Your Aging Parent Free Training: https://betterhealthwhileaging.mykaja… Get Dr. K’s expert guidance on how & when to step in, to help a parent with memory loss: https://betterhealthwhileaging.net/ed…


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