Outstanding:”POCUS for Volume Status in Surgical Critical Care” By Dr. Laura Brown And A Link To The IBCC Chapter “Septic Shock”

Today, I’ve reviewed and linked to two outstanding resources on Critical Care:

  • POCUS for Volume Status in Surgical Critical Care, 59:26.
    • “Dec 1, 2021 Cardiac Ultrasound
      Fluids or pressors? That is the usual question in critical care patients in shock (of course, we also consider obstructive causes such as PE, tension pneumothorax, or pericardial tamponade). Can your ultrasound help determine a patient’s volume status? In this lecture from our ultrasound lecture series Dr. Laura Brown, MD from the Trauma/Acute Care Surgery service talks about using bedside ultrasound to evaluate the volume status in critical care patients.”
  • Septic Shock by Dr. Josh Farkas from The Internet Book Of Critical Care (Link is to the Table Of Contents), Jul 25, 2021


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