Practice Fusion Electronic Health Record – Formerly Free, Now $100 A Month

The following are excerpts from the article,  Practice Fusion No Longer Offering Free EHR System Software, February 23, 2018 from EHR Intelligence:

Practice Fusion is abandoning the business model that contributed to its popularity and will no longer offer free EHR software to physicians, according to a recent reportby CNBC.

Practice Fusion initially gained popularity among physicians by offering free EHR software — a stark contrast to the expensive EHR system offerings available through large enterprise health IT companies. The EHR company generated revenue by showing relevant pharmaceutical ads to users.

However, CNBC reported Practice Fusion recently began notifying customers that users will soon be required to pay a monthly subscription fee of $100 per physician per month. The EHR company’s business model will start including these subscription payments this summer, according to two unnamed sources familiar with the matter. The changes have not been made public.

Prior to its acquisition by Allscripts, Practice Fusion was counted among the top 10 ambulatory EHR vendors among physician practices, according to data from Definitive Healthcare.

In a report from Reaction Data earlier this year, Practice Fusion received one of the highest overall satisfaction ratings from users at 75 percent. Furthermore, the highest number of Practice Fusion users reported being enthusiastic advocates of the technology, with 70 percent reportedly being happy with the EHR offering. Meanwhile, Allscripts received one of the worst overall satisfaction ratings at 28 percent.

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