Reviewing “Thoracic Oncology” From The University Of Michigan – Week 4 – NSCLC And Tracheal Cancer: Therapeutics

Week 4: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Tracheal Cancer: Therapeutics

Today I will be posting the syllabus of Week 4 of  the Thoracic Oncology Course [Link is to the complete course syllabus] from The University Of Michigan via Coursera.

As I review each week’s syllabus, I’ll post that week’s syllabus.

The learning objectives for Week 4 are:

Learning Objectives

  • Identify definitive treatment of stage I and stage III NSCLC with external beam radiation therapy
  • Identify palliative treatment of metastatic lung cancer with radiation therapy
  • Identify SBRT for various body sites and for oligometastatic lung cancer
  • Recognize the role of adjuvant chemotherapy after surgical resection for early-stage NSCLC
  • Recognize the role of systemic chemotherapy and combined-modality therapy in locally advanced NSCLC
  • Distinguish potential benefits and risks of systemic chemotherapy for stage IV NSCLC
  • Recognize the role of antiangiogenic therapy and immunotherapy in advanced NSCLC
  • Identify the appropriate molecular diagnostic testing for advanced NSCLC
  • Recognize role of EGFR and ALK targeted therapy in advanced NSCLC
  • Identify promising molecular targets in NSCLC
  • Identify therapy response monitoring with FDG-PET
  • Identify the possible use of FDG-PET in adaptive treatment plans
  • Identify reasons for lung resection
  • Identify different levels of lung resection for early stage lung cancer
  • Identify palliative options for tracheal tumors
  • Identify surgical options for malignant pleural effusions


Video: Introduction To Radiation Therapy 13 min.

Video: Definitive Radiation Therapy For Stage 1 NSCLC 13 min

Video: Definitive Radiation Therapy For Locally Advanced NSCLC 21 min

Video: Palliative Radiation Therapy For Metastatic Lung Cancer 17 min

Video: Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) For Oligometastatic Lung Cancer   10 min

Video: Adjuvant Therapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 14 min

Video: Combined Modality Therapy For Locally Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 17 min

Video:  Overview of Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 14 min

Video: Chemotherapy for Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 30 min

Video: Immunotherapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 19 min

Video: Molecularly Targeted Therapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 28 min

Video: FDG-PET Imaging of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Treatment Response Monitoring 9 min

Video: Early Stage: Surgery – Lung Resection – Wedge, Segmentectomy, Lobectomy 15 min

Video: Complex Lung Resection: Sleeve Lobectomy and Pneumonectomy 8 min

Video: Thoracotomy Versus Minimally Invasive Approaches for Lung Cancer Resection 11 min

Video: Palliative Surgery For Stage IV Lung Cancer – Tracheal and Pleural Disease 9 min

Video: Chest Wall Resection 16 min

Video: Metastasectomy of Cancer Spread to the Lung 7 min

Video: Peri-Operative Evaluation and Fitness 6 min

Video: Complications After Lung Cancer Surgery 20 min



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