Some Very Good Resources For Understanding Sleep Apnea

Changing CPAP pressure settings – Adjusting Your Machine With A Clinician Setup Manual from Apnea Board – “Sleep Apnea Patients Helping One Another”.

It is never a good idea to change the pressure settings on your CPAP machine without consulting your doctor or respiratory therapist. However, it can be done and instructions are on the internet at the Apnea Board and probably many other sites on the internet. Here is an example (again do not do this):

Instructions for entering the CPAP Setup / Clinician Menu of the
Philips-Respironics DreamStation Series CPAP Machines from Apnea Board.

How To Find The Optimum Pressure On CPAP from Apnea Board – “Sleep Apnea Patients Helping One Another”.

Do I Have Sleep Apnea? from
Sleep Disorder Disrupts Breathing, Leads to Important Consequences

What to Expect in Overnight Sleep Study Testing Called Polysomnograms
Preparing for Your Polysomnogram to Identify Sleep Disorders

What Is the Meaning of the Sleep Study AHI in Adults with Sleep Apnea? from
The Apnea-Hypopnea Index Is Useful to Determine Sleep Apnea Severity

What Is Complex or Treatment-Emergent Sleep Apnea? from
Causes and Treatments Differ from Obstructive Sleep Apnea

What Is the Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI) in Sleep Apnea Testing? from
This Measure Is Commonly Used to Assess Sleep Apnea Severity

What Is My Goal AHI with CPAP Treatment for Sleep Apnea Therapy? from
Monitoring the AHI Can Guide Therapy, Maximize Benefits

Why Do I Need a Second Sleep Study? from
Common Reasons Why Further Sleep Testing Is Necessary

How Does a CPAP Machine Work to Treat Sleep Apnea? from
Pressurized Airflow Opens the Airway and Relieves Symptoms, Consequences

Overnight Oximetry Can Test the Effectiveness of CPAP Therapy from
Underlying Lung Disease May Prompt Additional Testing

Sleep Apnea: What Are the Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments? from
Breathing Disorder Has Significant Health Consequences, Effective Treatments

Do I Need to Reduce My CPAP Pressure? from
Problems Breathing, Mask Leak, and Weight Loss May Prompt Pressure Changes

5 Insights into Sleep Apnea That May Surprise You from
Unexpected Symptoms, Appearances, and Alternative Treatments Exist


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