“The Resuscitation Crisis Manual” – Link To The Complete Table Of Contents And A Link To Free Open Access Medical Education Resources

I purchased The Resuscitation Crisis Manual 2018 by Drs Scott D. Weingart and David C. Borshoff at The Resuscitation Crisis Manual* [Not an affiliate link].

*It is on this site that you can learn all about the book and can purchase the book. It is also here that all corrections and updates will be added. And when you purchase the print book you receive a free ePDF that you can place on your smart phone, tablet, and computer so you’ll always have the book with you.

The book is simply outstanding and should, I think, be purchased and reviewed by every clinician (physician, nurse, NP, EMT, Paramedic, PA, and  pharmacist) who encounters unstable patients (patients who may require immediate Resuscitation). Because resuscitation is a team sport, every member of the team must know the subject to be able to help. With this book, the awesome Free Open Access Medical Education* available on the web, and help and training from colleagues, every clinician can become knowledgeable and useful in a Resuscitation.

*The definitive resource for an introduction into the FOAM world is  FOAM
by Dr Mike Cadogan, last update June 18, 2019 from Life in The Fast Lane.

And here is a link to the Resuscitation Crisis Manual Table of Contents.

Note to myself: Whenever I review an Airway/Resuscitation/Emergency Medicine/Critical Care blog post or podcast, I need to go to the relevant chapter in the Resuscitation Crisis Manual and review the relevant procedure for that topic*.

*And I can always review that relevant procedure because I have the Resuscitation Crisis Manual downloaded onto my smart phone which I always care with me.




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