The Touch Surgery App Reviewed by Life In the Fast Lane

The Touch Surgery App is an oustanding free surgery app that is reviewed by the folks at Life In The Fast Lane at TechTool Thursday 064 Touch Surgery September 11, 2015.

The following is from the review above:

The Touch Surgery app is unlike any app I’ve seen before. It simulates surgical procedures to allow teaching and testing of students and trainees. Touch Surgery has a huge team behind it who have created surgical simulation software. The procedures and operations contained in the app are authored by different surgeons from across the world.The aim is to develop a collaborative resource consisting of best surgical practice in order to share and learns with other health professionals

Website: – iTunes – Android – Website

Clinical Content

  • The app contains over 50 surgical procedures.
  • A couple are included when you install the app, others have to be downloaded.
  • The modules cover a range of surgical specialties and include procedures from chest tube insertion to acute trauma craniotomy
  • When you enter your area of interest, the app suggests videos that might interest you.
  • Each module has ‘test’ and ‘learn’ options. The learn option shows you step-by-step how to complete a surgical procedures. After this, you can test your knowledge.
  • All the modules use excellent graphics and gestures to allow the user to interactively learn.


  • The app is completely free.
  • I’m astounded that it is, as it would be reasonable to charge users $10 to purchase this. I assume that Touch Surgery makes money by licensing it out to institutions to use for teaching and for the development of new operations
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