A Link To A Great Post For Learning WordPress, Helping Others Learn WordPress, And Learning About Lipedema – A Medical Disease

I’ve been using my WordPress blog for about five years. It functions as my “peripheral medical brain” [See my post – My Peripheral Brain For Medical Subjects – Coming Soon].

Building my blog and adding posts on medical subjects has helped me deepen my understanding of important medical topics in such fields as critical care, pediatrics, and internal medicine.

And as a great bonus, I have a lot of fun working on my blog!

So I was in my Dashboard this morning and found this awesome post from HeroPressThe Only Journey Is The One Within APRIL 19, 2017 Carole Olinger:  https://afrenchiestale.com/, @CaroleOlinger, and Facebook (after reading her post, I definitely will be following her).

In her post, she covers two topics of great interest to me:

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