A Podcasting Example: Thriving With Cheryl Jones

Today, I review “Thriving With Cheryl Jones,” also called “Thrive55+”

I found this podcast on Blubrry’s Podcast and Blog, Jones’ Life Experiences Help Others to Thrive Over 55, POSTED ON APRIL 1, 2024 BY CATHY:

One of the most beautiful and compelling aspects of podcasting is the ability to spread kindness, self-awareness, and resilience to those who need it most . . . all without having to be face-to-face. Our April Podcaster of the Month, Cheryl Jones understands and fully appreciates how life’s burdens don’t become easier as the years roll on, rather they can build and multiply throughout the aging process. Jones shares her wisdom and supports others through her podcast Thrive55+, which reaches people of all backgrounds and life experiences. Launched in January, the podcast allows individuals to uncover and celebrate more of who they are so they can heal and thrive.

All that follows is from “Thriving With Cheryl Jones,” Homepage website, also called “Thrive55+”.


The Thrive55+ show is obsessed with helping people over 55 to uncover more of who you already are so you can heal and thrive forward. I share my expertise and interview inspiring health professionals to offer fresh ways to think. And introduce practical life skills you can apply immediately.
There is no AI generated content in this podcast. This has been created by subject matter expert Cheryl Jones.

There is a box on the home page where a person can apply to be a guest on the podcast.

And here is a list the podcasts to date.

#6: Cultivate Spirituality and Energize Your Spirit – Cheryl Jones

#5: Work with Feelings to Build Resilience – Cheryl Jones

#4: Befriend Your Aging Body – Cheryl Jones

#3: Worry Less and Sleep More – Cheryl Jones

#2: The Spirituality of Goal Setting – Cheryl Jones

#1: Heal and Thrive Forward – Cheryl Jones


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