Bimanual Laryngoscopy By The Laryngoscopist-The Best Tool For Difficult Airway From Dr. Levitan

Dr. Levitan gives an incredible video airway lecture courtesy of Dr. Weingart’s EM Crit Podcast 70. April 1, 2012 by emcrit. Below are just a few of Dr. Levitan’s teaching points from the lecture.

Dr. Levitan reminds us–Do Not Do Cricoid Pressure. It doesn’t help and it makes things worse:


But, Dr. Levitan advises, do use Bimanual Laryngoscopy (and his discussion of Bimanual Laryngoscopy begins at 20:30 and continues through


At 21:20 Dr. Levitan explains how it works:


The slide below demonstrates how bimanual larngoscopy improves the view:



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