Creating An Online Store – YouTube Video By NYC Tech With Additional Resources

How to Create an Ecommerce Website with WordPress ONLINE STORE! – 2017 4:07:3 by NYC Tech July 2016

There are timed show notes with affiliate links to the products he recommends.

This is a very long but very complete YouTube video.

This video is most suitable for someone with absolutely no experience with the WordPress software.

By following along the video and stopping and performing each step, then restarting the video, assuming you are using the same theme he is in this video, you may be able to create a ecommerce site just with this video.

He will be using the Woocommerce plug in for WordPress and PayPal.

He is building the site with the premium $59 theme, Shopkeeper, which is a responsive theme. His affiliate link to buy this theme is in the YouTube show notes.

You should, perhaps, check the free E-commerce themes available at to see if one of them will meet your needs.

This theme uses the Woocommerce plugin.

He recommends the Hostgator Baby Plan (affiliate link). If you find the video helpful you should probably use his affiliate link to Hostgator which is in the YouTube show notes.

This tutorial has a very detailed time line and show notes. So you can pick and choose easily what section you want to review.

For example at 4:02:22, he shows you how to set up your PayPal account.




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