Credentialing Primary Care Physicians for Procedures

An excellent model for credentialing primary care physicians in procedures not taught in their residency training is provided by Conscious Sedation Consulting. Explore the entire site to learn about their services.

From their staff credentialing web page:

Health Care Facility Staff Credentialing & Certification Services, Sedation Training and Continuing Education

We provide onsite staff credentialing & competency services on the administration of sedation and analgesia to hospitals, ambulatory surgery facilities, endoscopy suites and office based practices.

This program is for facilities to provide privileging and credentialing of non-anesthesia physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists to assure competency in sedation administration services. For more information on this see Sedation Certification & Credentialing Services

Comprehensive training on the administration of IV agents such as propofol, ketamine and dexmedetomidine for deep sedation or short intensively stimulating procedures is also available – advanced airway management training and patient monitoring component included.

Primary care physicians (family physicians, pediatricians, and primary care internal medicine physicians) may have few opportunities during residency (due to a number of obstacles) to obtain needed medical training.

An example is primary care ultrasound also called bedside ultrasound

Primary care physicians performing bedside ultrasound can be trained and credentialed using the consulting services of a consultant company with expertise in primary care ultrasound.

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