Dr Strayer’s ED Procedural Sedation Checklist and The Procedural Sedation Screencast Trilogy–Useful Even If You Don’t Do PSA

Any doctor or nurse, even if they never do Procedural Sedation and Analgesia (PSA), can profit from watching Dr. Strayer’s outstanding screencast trilogy because there are so many tips on airway management that are helpful to everyone.

Dr Reuben Strayer of EM Updates, has created a great ED procedural sedation checklist. The link has a link to the PDF of the checklist that you can print out. I’ve included jpgs of the checklist in this post but Dr. Strayer’s PDF would be better to print out.

And be sure to watch Dr. Strayer’s outstanding Procedural Sedation Screencast Trilogy. The screencasts “cover the essentials of procedural sedation and analgesia for emergency clinicians.” Dr. Strayer has made the slideset for the entire Screencast Trilogy available as a PDF file for download.

The 2014 ACEP Clinical Policy: Procedural Sedation and Analgesia in the
Emergency Department is available as a PDF.

And now here are the jpgs of the procedural sedation checklist:



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