“How End-Tidal CO2 is more than just hot air” From CriticalCareNow

Today I reviewed, link to, and embed CriticalCareNow‘s “How End-Tidal CO2 is more than just hot air”.

Nov 13, 2023 ResusX:Podcast

In this video from ResusX:ReVolved (see link below), Dr. Max Hockstein, an Emergency Physician and Intensivist, introduces the concept of “End-Tidal Capnography” in a two-part series. He delves into the terminology surrounding Capnometry and Capnography, explaining the significance of End-Tidal measurements. Dr. Hockstein emphasizes that End-Tidal provides insights into “Minute Ventilation” and “Cardiac Output,” shedding light on the importance of VQ matching. He discusses the technology behind End-Tidal measurement, the different types of Capnometers, and the various phases of a Time Capnogram waveform. Furthermore, he highlights the clinical applications of End-Tidal, such as confirming endotracheal intubation and assessing the return of spontaneous circulation during resuscitation. Stay tuned for Act Two as Dr. Hockstein delves deeper into this critical topic. To watch more videos like this please check out ResusX:ReVolved (https://www.resusx.com/get-revolved-a…)

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