“Practical applications for end-tidal CO2” From CriticalCareNow

Today, I reviewed, link to, and embed CriticalCareNow‘s “Practical applications for end-tidal CO2”.

Nov 20, 2023 ResusX:Podcast

In this second part of the End-Tidal lecture from ResusX:ReVolved (see the link below for more videos), Dr. Max Hockstein delves into various cases, challenging viewers to diagnose based on 15-second waveform observations. From the Curare Cleft revealing ventilator dyssynchrony to the Low Cardiac Output state resembling a cheap A-Line, each case provides critical insights. The Aspirational waveform hints at the Return of Spontaneous Circulation or sodium bicarbonate administration, while the Endotracheal Tube Dislodgement showcases a drastic shift from a normal to a fibrillation-like waveform, demanding immediate attention. The Pigtail highlights poor compliance, often seen in conditions like Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Hockstein further discusses scenarios like Endotracheal Tube Cuff Deflation, Obstruction’s shark fin appearance, Emphysema’s counterintuitive tracing, Single Lung Transplant nuances, Mechanical Obstruction’s impact on both phases, and finally, Cardiogenic Oscillations revealing insights into Cardiomegaly. The engaging and informative session concludes, leaving viewers with a deeper understanding of End-Tidal waveforms in critical care scenarios. To watch more videos from the ResusX:ReVolved conference, check out https://www.resusx.com/get-revolved-a…

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