How to create Anchor tags or Anchor Links in WordPress–A Great YouTube Video

An anchor tag (also called an anchor link) is a link on your web page or blog post that when clicked on will send the reader to another part of the same page or post.

An anchor tag is useful when you have a long page or post and want the reader to be able to jump directly to a distant section.

For example, you might have an anchor tag to the References that will take the reader directly to the References section which will usually be at the very end of your page or post. So put in an anchor tag Click Here For References. Click on it and you will jump to references at the bottom of the page.

How to create Anchor tags or Anchor Links in WordPress is an outstanding and brief YouTube video published June 26, 2014.

References – And this is where the “Click Here For References” link will jump to. The video will show you how.

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