How To Remove a traced object from it’s background – YouTube Video

This post has two videos that cover the same thing. The first is

Video #2b – How to remove a traced object from its background in Inkscape – Inkscape Tips:

This video shows how you can trace around and object and remove it from its background. It is the second part of a 2-parter.

  • When you want to get rid a background, you have to be careful when you trace your object not to get any background in it.
  • So you trace the object with the Bezier tool and fix it up with the Edith Path by Nodes tool.
  • Then select the path.
  • Then with the path selected you go ahead and hold down shift and click on the background.
  • Then you go to the Object menu down to Clip and then click on Set and the background is gone.


And here’s the second video:

Inkscape Tutorial – How to remove a traced object from it’s background

Published on Jan 23, 2014

  • What we’re going to do is get the rose and by tracing it, get rid of the background.
  • We’re going to trace the outline of the rose with our Bezier tool. And you don’t have to be that exact because you can adjust the tracing later.
  • You want to select the points that go out and then the points that go in and then we fine tune the tracing with Edit Path by Node tool to move the lines in and out.
  • You can always add nodes later on if you need them. You do this by double clicking on the point where you want a new node.
  • So you select the Edit Path By Node tool and you can now move your lines in and out.
  • So he completes the tracing of the rose.
  • 3:40 Now to get rid of the background around the tracing
    • We reselect the tracing of the rose with the selection tool.
    • Then we hold the shift button down and then we select the background (the big square)
    • Then we go up to the Object Menu and select clip. Hit set. And you’ve gotten rid of the background!
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