Link To And Image Of “Vasopressors” Infographic From Dr Mark’s ICU One Pagers With Links To Additional Resources

In addition to the infographic below, please review the posts [and the original source material referenced in the posts] that follow Dr. Mark’s ICU One Pager:

Today I link to the awesome blog from intensivist Dr Nick Mark’s ICU one pagers. Dr. Mark has constructed outstanding Infographics on critical care topics.

Today I’m posting Dr Mark’s ICU one pager “Vasopressors”.

Dr. Mark states:

Vasopressors Demystified

#criticalCare #hemodynamics #vasopressors #shock

Shock comes in many flavors and so do vasopressors. Here’s a #OnePager summarizing my approach to pressors including when to start, which ones to use, how to administer them, and when to increase or wean. Includes my favorite pedagogical device for vasopressor: the pressor-speedometer from beta to alpha adrenergic effects..

Current version 1.0 (2020-04-05)

Download PDF        Download PNG

And here is Dr. Mark’s one pager on Vasopressors:

Phenylephrine Premixed Syringe Phenylephrine HCl Injection, USP 1 mg/10 mL (100 mcg/mL)

How to make your own push dose pressors:

  1. YouTube video, Push-Dose Pressors, March 14, 2019 from Core EM. The video discusses the preparation of and use of both push-dose vasopressors, epinephrine and phenylephrine.

In addition to the infographic above, please review the following posts [and the original source material referenced in the posts]:

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