Neuro – Cranial Nerve 3 Palsy – YouTube

Neuro – Cranial Nerve 3 Palsy – YouTube.

This is simply an outstanding instructional video on Cranial Nerve III palsy.

The big key nowadays is, although most third nerve palsies are due to a vasculitic involvement of the nerve from diabetes or hypertension, get a CTA or MRA (depending on what you neuroradiologist advises). Do this even if you think the pupil is spared (meaning you think the pupil is normal).

Pupillary dilatation suggests the cause of the palsy is a posterior communicating artery aneurysm but go ahead and get the CTA or MRA whenever there is a 3rd nerve palsy.

Dr. Root has a number of eye videos worth reviewing and a free online ophthalmology textbook at If you like the video you should visit his site.

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