Pediatric Developmental Milestones Chart (0 – 5 yrs) From

The following pediatric developmental milestones chart is from the post Developmental Milestones from the excellent The post features tips on using the chart below and has additional resources (See Resources after the chart):




Remember that any developmental concerns you identify should be followed up by a standardised screener like the ASQ [Ages and Stages] or the PEDS-DM  [Peds: Developmental Milestones] which is much more accurate than history alone.

Additional Resources from the above post:

“For a more detailed approach, please see our podcast on “Developmental Assessment,” which reviews the content of the clerkship seminar on this subject.”

“For evidence-based red flags developmental milestones (90th-percentile where possible), you can read the following publication from Drs. Dosman, Andrews and Goulden: “Evidence-based milestone ages as a framework for developmental surveillance.


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