Pediatric Echocardiography Lecture From CHOP

This post contains excerpts from the Pediatric Echocardiography lecture from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia‘s Pediatric Cardiology Course (Lectures).

The diagrams and images in the lecture are, I think, helpful to office pediatricians (and FPs, NPs, and PAs) who are learning pediatric point of care ultrasound:

Comprehensive Exam-Important Components: 15

Subcostal/Subxiphoid Imaging: 17

Abdominal Situs-Coronal View: 18

IVC to Right Atrium: 19

Subcostal Frontal Sweep: 20-22

The above subcostal view is not normal- It is Transposition of the Great Vessels

Subcostal Left Anterior Oblique View: 23

Subcostal Sagital: 25-27
Be sure and watch the echo play in slide 26-you will see the sagital sweep replayed.

Subcostal Right Anterior Oblique View: 29

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