Procedural Sedation Basics – An Infographic

I found this excellent chart on Twitter at   Aug 21

Thanks, Bergie.

In my blog there are eleven posts in the category Procedural Sedation.

In the blog  there are 97 posts  in the category  Airway Management. This is way too many to quickly review. The length of the list reflects my ongoing interest in airway management.

Even so, everyone involved in providing procedural sedation (doctors, nurses, NPs, paramedics, and EMTs) should understand the principles of and be skilled in airway management.

An alternative to the unwieldy list of 97 posts above is to visit the outstanding podcast and show notes of CRACKCAST* of Canadiem. Here are some podcast and show notes relevant to procedural sedation:

 Section 1.1 – Critical Management Principles


A podcast for those who have to satisfy their ADHD studying needs, the CRACK in CRACKCast is for Core Rosen’s and Clinical Knowledge. This is a podcast that truly gets down to the basics by covering each and every chapter of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine – in order. New episodes are published weekly on Mondays and Thursdays.

This excellent infographic below was created by Shyam Murali, and peer reviewed by Dr. Salim Rezaie, emergency medicine educator at REBELEM.

Here is a direct link to the infographic:


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