Resources on How to Prescribe (Dispense) Hearing Aids

The following are resources on how to prescribe (dispense) hearing aids.

Fitting and Dispensing Hearing Aids. 2011. Brian Taylor, AuD, H. Gustav Mueller, PhD Details: 464 pages, Illustrated (B/W), Softcover, 7 x 10″ ISBN13: 978-1-59756-347-5. This book is  very well reviewed on Amazon and is $74.

Hearing Aid Dispensing Training Manual, Paperback – November 6, 2013. by Suzanne Krumenacker. This book is also very well reviewed on Amazon and is $99.00.

Adult Audiology Casebook Paperback – December 19, 2014. “Adult Audiology Casebook is a compendium of key clinical cases designed to help clinicians develop the critical thinking skills necessary to successfully diagnose and treat patients. ” No reviews.

The Audiogram Workbook Paperback – July 1, 1997. The book is well reviewed on Amazon but there is a one star review that states there are serious errors in the book pertaining especially to masking. The cost is $24.89. “The Audiogram Workbook – the first guide to provide comprehensive practice in the administration of audiograms – lets the student work through more than 100 clinical cases covering a full range of audiologic disorders. Each exercise is structured to allow the student to write in his or her own clinical evaluation based on presenting symptoms and audiometric test results – and then compare the results to the examiner’s real case summary.”

Hearing Aid Dispensing (the query to YouTube was “hearing aid dispenser training“) acessed 11-19-2014

YouTube video promoting an online course: Hearing Aid Academy | Become A Hearing Aid Specialist, March 13, 2013 from The Hearing Aid Academy, LLC.

See the article  HEARING AID ACADEMY OPENS ITS DOORS August 2009 – Volume 62 – Issue 8 from the Hearing Journal, The Most Respected Publication In Hearing Healthcare: The article states the total cost is around $16,000 [This is way too much, I would urge anyone who wants to learn hearing aid dispensing to explore much less expensive alternatives].   There are other schools available and named in the article (need to check those). The school is also pitching eye care practioners to add hearing aid dispensing to their repertoire.

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