“Steroids: 5 Pearls Segment” From CoreIM

Today, I reviewed, link to and embed excerpts from CoreIM‘s Steroids: 5 Pearls Segment.*

*Posted: June 28, 2023
By: Dr. Casey Kim, Dr. Beth Wallace, Dr. Afreen Shariff, Dr. Jeffrey Fish, Dr. Michael Weintraub, Dr. Santiago Callegari and Dr. Shreya P. Trivedi
Graphic: Dr. Samuel Woodworth
Audio: Daksh Bhatia
Peer Review: Dr. Katherine Wysham, Dr. Nick Mark

All that follows is from CoreIM‘s Steroids: 5 Pearls Segment.


*PJP-Pneumocystis pneumonia | Fungal Diseases – CDC

Pneumocystis jirovecii used to be called Pneumocystis carinii. When scientists renamed P. carinii to P. jirovecii, some people considered using the abbreviation “PJP,” but to avoid confusion, Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia is still abbreviated “PCP.”

Time Stamps

  • 02:59 Pearl 1 – Types of Corticosteroids
  • 14:31 Pearl 2 – Side Effects of Steroids
  • 21:15 Pearl 3 – Prophylaxis
  • 27:32 Pearl 4 – Steroid Weaning
  • 33:38 Pearl 5 – Steroid Weaning Limitations
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