Telemedicine Resources – Maybe Medicine Is On The Cusp of Better, Faster, Cheaper!

Many products and services have (with the internet, software, and improved manufacturing) become better, faster, and cheaper.

Medicine and Healthcare Services are not [yet] better, faster, or cheaper. But we may be on the cusp of a revolution: telehealthcare.

If you have experienced the pluses (or minuses) of telehealth care, please share those experiences with me by going to the website’s contact page or emailing me at

Thanks in advance.

Below is a links to three New York Times articles on telehealthcare and then next a link to a telehealthcare website that you can explore.


Below are links to three interesting  New York Times articles on telemedicine:

  1. You Mean I Don’t Have to Show Up? The Promise ofTelemedicine

    travel and banking), emails, phone calls, video chats and othertelemedicine applications are gradually supplementing or replacing some types of office visits. Telemedicine holds the promise of

  2. Abortion Drugs Given in Iowa via Video Link

    as RU-486, that is meant to end her pregnancy. Efforts to provide medical services by videoconference, a notion known as telemedicine, are expanding into all sorts of realms, but these clinics in Iowa are the first in the nation,

  3. Are Doctors Ready for Telemedicine?

    promoting telemedicine, or the use of satellite technology, video conferencing and data transfer through phones and the Internet, to connect doctors to patients in far-flung locales. But are doctors ready for this form of



Next below is a link to a telehealth website I have visited, Carrington. You can look around their website and see what they offer.

Carrington – Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Healthy living has never been easier.

· Dental
· Vision
· Wellness
· Telemedicine
· And much more

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Healthy living has never been easier.

Medical consultations right over the phone
Wouldn’t it be great if you could get immediate professional medical advice if your child gets sick in the middle of the night? You can with telemedicine. Board-certified physicians are ready for you to call 24 hours a day to help you diagnose conditions, recommend treatments and can even write prescriptions, right over the phone. Consultations are free and can help you save time by avoiding unnecessary visits to the ER or doctor’s office and getting treatment recommendations sooner.

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