The Use Of Ultrasound For The Determination Of Body Mass Composition

Physicians are the most qualified health professionals to lead the weight loss team for their patients.

In late October of this year our group will be rolling out our physician based weight loss program.

Determining body mass composition at the start of therapy and periodically throughout treatment is important to insure that the weight loss program maximizes fat loss and minimizes loss of muscle mass.

The use of ultrasound for body mass composition, Resource (1) below, is an excellent tool.

Other useful tools for the determination of body mass composition are the DEXA scan, and the bioimpedance scan – See Resource (2) below.


(1) Ultrasound as a Tool to Assess Body Fat [PubMed Abstract] [Full Text HTML] [Full Text PDF]. J Obes. 2013;2013:280713. doi: 10.1155/2013/280713. Epub 2013 Aug 26.

This article has been cited 16 times in PubMed.

There are 91 similar articles available on PubMed. Of these articles, 13 are review articles.

(2) Use Of DEXA Scan And Ultrasound For The Assessment Of Body Composition
Posted on August 20, 2018 by Tom Wade MD.

(3) BodyMetrix Ultrasound Scanner by Intelamatrix

Body composition is calculated by measuring subcutaneous fat thickness at multiple sites [with the ultrasound scanner]. The number of sites depend on the formula and can range from an approximate single bicep measurement to as many as 9 sites which provide an accurate measurement of body composition. The sites are illustrated [in this link].

Please note that the above site is not an affiliate link and I have not yet fully evaluated this device. So the site’s presence on this list is purely as a memory and retrieval aid for me.

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