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Today I review, link to, and excerpt from The CurbsidersUnlocked Weight Management, Low Carb, Listener Q&A, Picks of the Weeks (Patreon #19). Mar 13, 3:00 AM

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Hone your obesity medicine skills in primary care! We discuss overcoming barriers, patient counseling, obesity pathophysiology, motivational interviewing, tools and tips from a weight loss program, and how to discuss medications for weight loss including phentermine/topiramate, bupropion/naltrexone, orlistat, oral superabsorbent hydrogel, and GLP1 agonists. We’re joined by obesity medicine expert, Dr. Kimberly Anne Gudzune of @HopkinsMedicine, recorded @SocietyGIM#SGIM23 in Denver, Colorado This audio episode is only available on Patreon!

Below are links to the original interview & show notes.
#405 Obesity Medicine, GLP1 agonists, Weight Loss Management Tools and Tips

Picks of the week:

Show Segments
00:00 Introduction and Happy New Year
02:22 Overview of Obesity Medicine
04:13 Challenges in Weight Maintenance
06:07 Prevention of Obesity
08:04 Barriers to Obesity Care
09:29 Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals
10:24 Counseling Patients on Weight Loss
11:45 Measuring Waist Circumference
12:44 Telemedicine and Tracking Apps
13:41 Psychological Considerations in Obesity Medicine
15:05 Low-Carb Diets
21:04 Managing Side Effects of GLP-1 Agonists
23:54 New Medication for Obesity
24:52 Prolia and Forteo for Osteoporosis
26:18 Statins and Lab Testing
29:30 Annual Labs and Urine Testing
32:37 Picks of the Week
35:02 Outro

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