YouTube Video: “Ultrasound in Peri-Arrest”

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Mar 19, 2024 ResusX:Podcast

In this lecture from the ResusX: ROSC Conference (see link below for more lectures), Dr. Haney Mallemat delves into the historical context of cardiac resuscitation, highlighting the evolution of techniques from the 1500s to modern-day practices. He emphasizes the importance of ultrasound in identifying reversible causes during cardiac arrest scenarios, advocating for its integration into resuscitative efforts. Dr. Mallemat provides practical tips for utilizing ultrasound effectively, stressing the need for expertise and protocol adherence to minimize interruptions in chest compressions. He discusses the potential of Transesophageal Echo (TEE) in providing real-time imaging without disrupting CPR efforts, offering promising avenues for future advancements in resuscitation technology. Despite acknowledging challenges and limitations, Dr. Mallemat underscores the critical role of clinical judgment alongside technological innovation in optimizing patient outcomes during cardiac emergencies.

00:00 Introduction to Ultrasound in Peri-Arrest

00:17 A Historical Journey Through Cardiac Resuscitation

01:48 The Limitations of Traditional Pulse Checks

04:32 Ultrasound: A Game-Changer in Identifying Reversible Causes

10:00 Practical Challenges and Solutions in Ultrasound Use

18:27 The Future of Ultrasound in Cardiac Arrest

23:10 Concluding Thoughts

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