Using The WordPress Sydney Theme To Build Your Business Website

The Sydney theme is a flexible modern looking WordPress business theme.

Two really good YouTube videos are available that will allow you as a total beginner to create a very professional looking website for your business.

The first is Sydney: How To Create A WordPress Website 2016 by Katrinah and it is about two hours long.

[One of the things you’ll want to do for your site is to create an email opt-in form. The author does not cover how-to in this video but does includes a link to the detailed how to video – Add A Custom Email Opt-In Form To Your Website (WordPress & Magic Action Box Plugin ). You could skip this section on the Magic Action Box which runs from 1:00:43 to 1:02:55  (just leave your footer 1 area blank until your ready to watch the Opt-In instruction video) for now ]

The way to use these videos is to just follow along step by step. At each step you will pause the video and complete the step on your own website. That is all there is to it. Now watching the video this way will take a lot of time. But at the end of the videos, you will have a very nice website.

The second video is How to Make a WordPress Website FOR FREE – 2016 by NYC Tech Club. Follow the same procedure as for video one to build your site.

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