A Look At Heal Housecalls And Telemedicine

In this post I link to the Heal website and additional resources on the service.

Here is a link to a July 14, 2020 press release from Heal

Here is a link to the Heal Terms of Service.

I reviewed the Terms of Service. Basically Heal is a scheduling and billing service that is not responsible for the medical care. Heal contracts with medical practices that are solely responsible for the medical care and for malpractice.

Here is an excerpt from Terms of Service:

You understand and agree that Get Heal, Inc. is not liable for any actions or inactions of any contracted providers, including without limitation the Practices or any Health Care Professionals. Get Heal, Inc. is not be liable for any professional advice from a Health Care Professional that is provided to you in-person, via telephone or telehealth, or through any other means communication, even if the communication is facilitated by Get Heal, Inc.

Consult with your current licensed health care provider as necessary and before seeking any new treatment or before you alter, suspend or initiate any change in your medical treatment, medication routine or health care related procedure or activity. Do not disregard medical advice issued to you by your regular licensed health care provider.

You will be required to review and accept a separate agreement with the Practice providing the health care services (the “Patient Agreement”). The Patient Agreement may include, but is not limited to, information regarding the medical services, payment requirements, assignment of benefits, indemnification, and information security, including the handling of your Protected Health Information. The Practices, and all of their Health Care Professionals, are entirely independent of Get Heal, Inc. Get Heal, Inc. is not responsible for any issues you may have with respect to your Health Care Professional’s professionalism, timeliness, health care treatment, diagnosis or advice, information provided, or any other actions or omissions arising from, or incident to, any services provided by the Practices or

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